DupeCop Desktop Comparison Tool

It is believed Google (and other search engines) determine duplicated content based in part on phrases of varying lengths.

DupeCop Desktop compares the words and phrases in the original article with those in the rewritten version to determine the % unique, or how much the article has changed.

Some of DupeCop Desktop’s features include:

Compare two articles in .txt format from your hard drive;

Displays the % uniqueness to 2 decimal places;

Shows an indicator if the new text is different enough to publish on the web or to article directories, based on the user’s settings;

Displays the word count for each piece of text;

Includes the option to enter a keyword/key-phrase and display keyword density for each piece of text;

The ability to edit and save your modified text directly from the DupeCop window, allowing you to compare, edit and compare again, without leaving the program;

Runs on your desktop – no need to be connected to the Internet.

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